Partnering for Client-Focused Innovation

We believe that pragmatic, client-focused innovation is the foundation for transformational technology. This approach has enabled Trapeze to manage huge – and hugely complex – projects on an unprecedented scale, across different modes and regions. Examples include Transport for London’s iBus; FlexDanmark’s nationwide MaaS operation; and the largest taxi fleet in the world, at RTA Dubai.
In each of the above examples – and countless others – Trapeze has empowered clients to meet their strategic objectives through close, committed and partnership relationships over many years.

We Love Complexity and Scale

Groundbreaking solutions aren’t for the timid. We embrace complexity and scale, working with our customers to identify and implement solutions that meet their needs and ensure they achieve their goals. In doing so, as the examples below show, we are changing the world around us.

TfL iBus

More than 9,000 buses; 800,000 hours of development and 15 years of collaboration: just some of the stats behind Transport for London’s world famous ITS system


While the definition of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) continues to prompt debate, FlexDanmark has quietly set about building a globally recognised nationwide service

ZVV Zurich

Zurich Transport Authority connects six transport agencies, delivering a ‘one ticket for all’ solution for the public and information shared across transport agencies

We Partner for the Long Term

The transport world never stops, so we deliver solutions that evolve to keep pace with constantly shifting mobility trends and ever-expanding requirements.

iBus: A 15-Year Journey

Find out how 15 years of technology partnership has shaped a solution which is perfectly aligned to the needs of London and its travelling public

Traveline Scotland

The recent rapid deployment of live capacity data to support Covid-19 social distancing was merely the latest stage in this successful partnership which traces back to the 2014 Commonwealth Games – and beyond

We Deliver Pragmatic, Client-Focused Innovation

 Truly effective technology innovation occurs through collaboration. We work with our customers to completely understand their objectives and develop solutions in partnership, ensuring our systems are easy to use but powerful results.

Bus Scheduling (UK)

What can you learn from more than 300 years’ of scheduling expertise? Trapeze brought the UK’s scheduling community together to imagine a better future for bus schedules

Schools Transport (UK)

Developed in collaboration with UK local authorities, Circle is a new approach to schools transport, ensuring all user interfaces and workflows are aligned to actual processes

Taxi (RTA Dubai)

“We have approximately 10,800 taxis generating and sending data every second. The Trapeze system is able to process and manage this huge amount of data and analyse it for anything we need.”