Solutions to solve public and demand responsive transport challenges

There are many reasons to value public transport. From an environmental point of view to economical, political and cultural ones. But public transport is more than that: it connects families and friends, it brings our children to school and workers to work. It drives our economies. Public transport is what connects us all.

Case Study: Rhätische Bahn PARITy

Trapeze operations control system is ready for self-driving vehicles

The Trapeze affiliate AMoTech offers a solution enabling self-driving vehicles to be integrated in operations control systems. In the Swiss capital of Berne, a self-driving vehicle is scheduled to enter service with this solution in the spring of 2019.

Case Study: Rhätische Bahn PARITy

New: e-paper displays for Dynamic Passenger Information

The solar-powered e-paper display has virtually no infrastructure requirements. Stops without power supply can be easily and cost-effectively supplied with real-time passenger information via the mobile network.


Magic Times!

Join us on a magic journey to review the past 50 years of our company. Experience the very first control system worldwide, implemented in Zurich in the year 1969, and see how the world of mobility came its way over these past five decades. What’s next? A look into the future allows a visionary view of the city of tomorrow - the Smart City.

Case Study: Rhätische Bahn PARITy

With PitStop your depot & fleet management gets efficient

The new PitStop product series supports public transport companies in efficient depot management with three tools: the enterprise asset management system SmartTEAM, the parking position and depot management system SmartParking and the vehicle status monitoring system SmartMonitor.