Delivering Tomorrow’s Mobility, Today

There has never been a more challenging or exciting time to work in people transportation, as emerging technologies enable entirely new ways of moving people. Trapeze works with cities, regional authorities and transport operators to harness the power of these tools in order to build a new future of mobility.
By collaborating with our customers we are empowering people with new mobility solutions that are more convenient, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

Making MaaS a Reality

While much of the global transport sector has spent years talking about the concept and definition of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), FlexDanmark quietly set about making it happen. We are proud to have supported this groundbreaking service.


A globally recognised flagship MaaS service, FlexDanmark brings together five regional public transport authorities, offering truly coordinated nationwide demand responsive transportation service.

Driving Current Mobility Trends

In partnership with our customers, we are transforming concepts of mobility, empowering people to travel conveniently, safely, affordably and sustinably.

Isle of Man: Modal Shift

How Isle of Man Transport revised modes of transport to increase availability of mobility services for residents and the travelling public.

National Express

National Express Accessible Transport (NEAT) are changing how bus operators deliver services, improving mobility within their local community.

Creating Tomorrow’s Trends

Public transport isn’t about vehicles or technology; it’s about people. As part of Modaxo, Trapeze is focused on creating and integrating innovative tools that will connect people – today, tomorrow and beyond. 

We are Modaxo

Trapeze is proud to be part of Modaxo — a global collective of technology companies passionate about changing the face of public transportation.

With people who are truly passionate about what they do, Modaxo understands the impact mobility has on the fabric of daily life. We thrive on delivering dependable public transportation solutions that meet the real-life needs of our customers in the communities where we live and serve.

Our businesses are focused on one thing – delivering the solutions that help connect people with the places they need to go for work, family, and everyday life.