Global Scale; Local Focus

Trapeze operates both a global scale with major clients in major cities on every continent, but we don’t only specialise in big cities. Trapeze is proud to deliver technology solutions that move people everywhere – which means working with smaller authorities and transport operators, and helping them to realise their ambitions.
We deploy solutions locally through small and dedicated teams that implicitly understand the customers and specific requirements of each sector.

Global Scale

We are proud to work on a global stage, delivering solutions in collaboration with some of the world’s most noteworthy transport providers.

trapeze global player map

Local Focus

We deliver solutions locally: our regional teams implicitly understand their customers and the sector requirements. As these customer stories show, we are therefore able to deliver innovative systems to organisations of all sizes, meeting specific customer requirements and delivering genuine value.

Surrey County Council

The council’s commitment to delivering accurate real-time information ensured the public could undertake essential travel safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

North East Lincs

The implementation of ‘Flex’ routes has enabled the team to improve service levels to the travelling public while reducing cost and improving service efficiency.

Worcestershire CC

A self-service schools transport application portal has empowered parents while dramatically reducing phone calls and administration workload for council staff.