Operations Management of Rail Transport

Trapeze Rail System consists of a set of modular tools, which substantially reduce effort of day-to-day tasks and streamlines the results. It supports duty and roster planning, staff and rolling stock management, employee communication, and automated wage calculation. The System ensures optimum utilisation of resources according to service requirements, effective use of personnel and rolling stock, and provides a consistant, detailed view of the status of each working day.

Crew and Vehicle Assignment and Management

Optimised crew and vehicle allocation, and management with the Trapeze ResourceManager

Trapeze provides advanced workforce, duty and vehicle management software, which simplifies and streamlines the supervision of duty and train plans, daily resource management and personnel and rolling stock administration.

With the Trapeze ResourceManager (part of Trapeze System) operators can perform frequent operational tasks more efficiently. Long-term and medium-term duty planning can be simplified by using roster templates. Roster templates can be generated, edited and adjusted individually to match the changing needs of your operation.

Operational warnings can be managed through user configurable operating targets that allow for factors such as distance travelled or “time in traffic” to be considered. The system will warn users of potential problems, i.e. delays or assignment of unqualified resources and allow controllers to see their options at a glance. Any restrictions on resource use, including temporary ones are automatically recorded and managed. Mobile technology, such as SMS and App’s, facilitates ongoing communication between office staff and drivers.

The Trapeze ResourceManager integrates rolling stock management and configuration in a Rolling Stock register. Accurate and complete rolling stock composition information both planned and actual, is a key piece of business information which can be shared with many other complimentary systems via web services, such as seat reservation systems, rolling stock maintenance systems, crew information systems, marshalling applications, and reporting systems

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Business Intelligence

The Trapeze Rail System includes a business intelligence tool allowing everyone within your organisation to easily access, analyse and distribute operational data. The tool examines data stored across the Trapeze suite of applications and transforms it into highly visual business information for key management, controllers and business units in the organisation. Trapeze Business Info provides Rail Undertakings with Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) giving, for example, a monthly overview of operational performance in the company at different levels, comparison of the performance of the individual units and the development in the performance of the individual units in the organisation.

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