Rail Transport

The Trapeze Rail System is a complete IT tool for rail passenger transport. It streamlines and optimises network and timetable planning, roster and resource planning, resource allocation, day-to-day operations, passenger information and ticketing. The system is scalable, enabling it to meet the needs of small rail or light rail operations, as well as those requirements of national and international operations: our solution can be modelled to meet whatever the specific  demands are of any organisation.

The IT for your future business

The Trapeze Rail System covers all aspects of the planning and operation in rail organisations, from strategic and long term planning, through to “on-the-day” operations management. Its holistic view alerts to any ramifications to vehicles, crew and passengers when scheduled services are disrupted or changed. The knock on effects of having the wrong resource at the wrong location at the wrong time are enormously costly and directly impact on a railway undertaking's customer satisfaction levels and profitability.


Trapeze System for Rail Transport



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