ITS for Transport Operators

The operations control system from Trapeze supports transport operators in the local public transport sector with technological, environmentally-friendly and economic expertise. 

Operations Control System AVLC/ITCS

We make public transport more attractive

The AVLC/ITCS operations control system from Trapeze offers dispatchers a constant overview of all operational processes. Any errors or disturbances are quickly detected and eliminated and personnel. As well, vehicle resources are deployed effectively. In short: this boosts the efficiency of company procedures while at the same time minimizing the necessary deployment of resources.

  • An AVLC/ITCS for your company: unique and tailor-made
    You too can benefit from the advantages of our operations control system LIO and our wealth of experience in the installation of control systems. The product name LIO stands for Leading, Informing, Organising. Our products make it easier for you to iron out any irregularities in the day-to-day running of your operations and to avoid inefficiencies. Control centre technology, on-board systems and passenger information modules - we give you complete solutions from a single source.
    We then modify these to suit your own unique operational situation. This ensures you get the best results – day after day after day! We can also provide you with sub-systems, such as a product package for passenger information.
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  • Control Centre technology
    Our control centre technology offers the transport operator great potential for cutting operating costs. It optimises personnel deployment, fleet operations, and travel times. Traffic light pre-emption gives your buses and light rail services right-of-way at all times, bringing your passengers faster to their destinations. All in all, you will need fewer vehicles - or can offer a more frequent service with your existing fleet. Our system supports dispatchers and drivers in completing their tasks quickly and reliably. In turn, the passengers benefit from faster, more punctual connections, improved transfer protection, and up-to-the-minute information.
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  • Incident Management
    Our Intelligent Decision Support (IDS) and Business Intelligence applications supplement the operations control system by improving the quality of work within the transport authority. Incident management with IDS supports rapid and proper processing by the dispatchers; data analysis with BI clarifies any trouble spots in the operational procedures, and generates information on a decision making basis for the management.
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  • Central data management
    All system components in our control centre solution profit from central data supply, management and distribution. As a result, the data for the control system and all participant components need only be recorded once. This leads to a consistent supply, greater operational flexibility, and lower labour costs. The Depot Data Management (DDM) application developed by Trapeze distributes data between the central data preparation and the target devices in the vehicles (on-board computer, Multifunctional Displays, etc.). Each depot has a number of access points for wireless data exchange between the depot servers and the vehicles. The DDM web client acts as the user interface used to operate the DDM system.
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  • Voice and radio communication
    The radio system forms the backbone of a modern automatic vehicle location and control system, as all centralised and decentralised components are connected via radio. Our system is outstanding for its use in combination with digital radio, analogue radio, and public radio networks. Within the control system, vehicles en route communicate on whichever communication channels are available: analogue data radio, digital radio (TETRA, TETRAPOL, GSM, GPRS, UMTS) or future systems.

  • On-board systems
    As a communication centre, Trapeze's Intelligent Touch Terminal (ITT) or IBISplus on-board computers offer many different interfaces for integrating a wide range of vehicle peripheral devices. Their concept and features are tailored to road and rail vehicles used in local public transport. The on-board computers offer the driver a highly automated working environment.
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  • Traffic Light pre-emption
    Public transport will appeal to users if it offers fast, punctual services running in quick succession within an optimised network. However, real-time analysis repeatedly shows that buses and trains spend around one third of their time at red lights.

  • Data analysis and reporting
    The on-board computer records large volumes of data during the trip. This can be evaluated using our statistics software. BI offers many functions, for example, checking and documenting the efficacy of introduced improvement measures. Thus, the transport authority and its superiors have facts to corroborate their decisions.
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On-board systems for bus and tram

  • Communication in the vehicle
    Our on-board systems for bus and tram services support the drivers as they work and also permit precisely-timed vehicle deployment by the transport authority. More than 35,000 on-board computers from Trapeze are in operation worldwide, convincing customers and users with their simple installation, high efficiency, reliability, durability and simple maintenance. Our on-board systems provide state-of-the-art communication for bus and tram, convenient operation and comprehensive information in the vehicle, communication at the touch of a button, and easy installation and superior reliability.
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  • On-board computer for the driver
    Advantages for the driver: Our on-board computers support the drivers as they work. The user terminal in the driver's cab automatically shows him all relevant information. The timetable and pattern sequence, together with the GPS satellite navigation, enables the computer system to ascertain the driver’s position and calculates timetable adherence. It is thus possible to provide the driver, passengers and the control centre with real-time information about the current situation on any route. Tasks, such as announcing the next stop, changing the destination text on the interior and exterior DPI signs and switch control, are triggered automatically by the on-board computer. En route, the system influences traffic lights in order to clear the path for bus and tram.
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  • Modern communication platform for bus and light rail
    On board the vehicle, the Intelligent Data Router (IDR-full) by Trapeze acts as a communication platform for information and voice services between driver, passengers, and control centre. The IDR-full complements the functionality of an intelligent control unit or ticketing machine. As a combination of on-board computer and router, it integrates many different components – from the radio device via ticket validators through to the multimedia system. The system therefore provides an opportunity to consolidate existing assets and aspects of on-board technology into one single, streamlined solution, which brings benefits to both passengers and operators.  
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  • Ticket printer/on-board computer
    Our innovative combined device ticontrol.500 is an on-board computer and ticket printer. Its modern glass front design blends elegantly in any vehicle setting. One screen is used by the driver, while passengers can follow the purchase process or check the validity of their ticket on the other screen.
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  • Entry control device
    More and more transport authorities are introducing Controlled Boarding as an effective measure in their efforts to reduce the level of fare evasion and to guarantee income from the sale of tickets.
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  • Passenger information display
    The on-board computer plays a central role for both audio and visual passenger information. It prepares all data for the Multifunctional Display (MFD) inside the vehicle and on the exterior DPI sign and sends the data to the devices, including data about the pattern sequence, the next stops or transfers, advertisements or information for tourists. Audio passenger information – such as next stop announcements - intended to be sent via the on-board computer for the vehicle interior or for the exterior loudspeakers to inform passengers at the stops, is triggered automatically or manually in the control centre.
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  • Tracking of Vehicles by means of Android Devices
    The Trapeze SmartVLU app (Smartphone Vehicle Location Unit) offers full integration to the control centre technology for public transit vehicles and can be used with most Android devices.
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Services - We are a partner to our customers

For more than 40 years, we have been a reliable and competent partner for our customers and provided high quality services. Our comprehensive range of services is completely tailored to customer needs and requirements. This guarantees the smooth functioning of our solutions and systems. 

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