Planning of Public Transport

Network and timetable planning

Network planning

The network planning solution is a browser based, easy to use tool that simplifies planning and maintenance of stops and stop points, links, route versions and routes. The system is fully supported by geographic maps and geographic information systems, which makes detailed information and routing algorithms easily available to the planner.Network Planning: Edit and create nodes, route and route variations

The integrated maps enable the network planner to create and edit stops, stop points and routes directly in the map. Based on stop and stop points, the routes and route versions are created and edited. Routing and re-linking of any change to stops and links is also possible. Furthermore, the planner is able to make changes to the map by adding and changing vehicle requirements to specific roads on the map, which helps optimise route planning.

Network planning is fully integrated with the timetable planning solution.

To learn more, download:

Trapeze Planning System | Rheintal Busverkehr (case study)

Timetable planning

Regardless of the size of the company and particular core activities, such as tender processing or timetable planning, Trapeze’s timetable planning solution noticeably improves quality and efficiency. Timetable planning and trip building involves the creation of timetables for specific periods, days of operation, day types, and direction of service. 

The Trapeze solution has a unique validity concept, which provides the planner with a clear overview of processes and information. This makes it easy for the planner to keep control of the planning process and of the final product. Automated processes assist the planner in building the timetables. Once route versions are defined, the trips can be generated and, based on these trips, efficient and optimised timetables are created. The schedule editor will show how and when all trips are planned in blocks and duties. In the process, links, arrival and departure times are checked and any integrity violations are flagged.

The system includes several wizards and tool tips that can guide the planner through the planning process. All views and dialogs are available as flip view, dialog view, bottom or right side and the map can be shown integrated in the interface or alternatively can be viewed in its own separate window.

Reports and printouts can be custom-configured using xml style sheets.

The planning solution is fully integrated with the resource-planning module.

To learn more, download:
Trapeze Planning System | Rheintal Busverkehr (case study)

Production Calculation

When preparing for tenders, it is important for the authorities involved to be able to calculate the cost related to the tendered services and model potential hypothetical or "what-if"-scenarios for alternative route and service solutions.

Trapeze’s solution supports the planner with a number of user defined parameter settings, which enables him to evaluate various solutions. The production calculation can be established for selected routes, blocks, depots, etc. and for selected user defined time periods.

To learn more, download:
Trapeze Planning System | Rheintal Busverkehr (case study)