The ITCS operations control system LIO by Trapeze supports transport authorities in the local public transport sector with technological, environmentally-friendly and economic expertise. 
It offers the dispatchers of the transport operators a constant overview of all operational processes. Any errors or disturbances are quickly detected and eliminated and personnel and vehicle resources are deployed effectively. In short: this boosts the efficiency of company procedures while at the same time minimising the necessary deployment of resources. 

Operations Control System AVLC/ITCS

Transport companies always under control

The control centre is the heart of our operations control system. From here, the dispatchers have access to all functions of the composite system. All workstations have a fully graphic, intuitive user interface. This corresponds to the very latest ergonomic principles. The control computer software can be highly parametrised. In this way, it is possible to take account of the individual requirements of every single transport authority. 

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  • Voice and Data Radio
    The radio system forms the backbone of a modern automatic vehicle location and control system, as all centralised and decentralised components are connected via radio. Our system is outstanding for its use in combination with digital radio, analogue radio and public radio networks. Within the control system, vehicles en route communicate on whichever communication channels are available: analogue data radio, digital radio (TETRA, TETRAPOL, GSM, GPRS, UMTS) or future systems.
  • Central Data Management
    All system components profit from central data supply, management and distribution. As a result, the data for the control system and all participant components need only be recorded once. This leads to a consistent supply, greater operational flexibility and lower labour costs.
  • Data analysis and reporting
    The Business Intelligence module (LIO-BI), an innovation by Trapeze, provides detailed evaluation and analysis. For the first time, structured databases and tools also reveal associations which may otherwise not be obvious. User-friendly reports visualise developments and processes. This offers a reliable basis for process improvements and management decisions.
  • Monitoring Performance
    The automatic recording of operating data with our operations control system serves as a basis for dispatch planning. The results of the statistical evaluations make a significant contribution to optimising operations and service. The accrued data can also be condensed into long-term statistics for detailed analysis of the causes of errors (location, time and type of error). In this way, it is possible to work out concrete suggestions in order to reduce trouble spots. The long-term statistics can also be used to check the success of initiated actions. 
  • Passenger Counting
    Trapeze has developed a software feature that enables passenger count evaluation directly in our Business Intelligence Solution. 
  • Real Time passenger information 
    Passengers appreciate the advantages of our operations control system. They benefit from optimum punctuality, the shortest possible journey times, and perfectly tailored connections. At the same time, they are kept fully informed both before and during their journey. Thanks to our SmartInfo stop signs, they know in real time when their bus or tram will actually be running. During the trip, Multifunctional Displays and announcements provide up-to-the-minute information.
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On-board systems for bus and light rail

Communication in the vehicle

Our on-board systems for bus and light rail support the driver in his work and also permit precisely-timed vehicle deployment by the transport authority. More than 35,000 on-board computers by Trapeze are in operation worldwide, convincing customers and users with their simple installation, high efficiency, reliability, durability and simple maintenance.

  • Passenger Information Display
    The elegantly styled and versatile Multifunctional Display MFD enables the control centre at all times to inform commuters and passengers not familiar with the local conditions about the current status of operations. The information about transfers is especially helpful for passengers In order to plan out their trips. In the event of trouble or delays, the departure times will be continuously updated.
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  • Ticket Printer / on-board computer
    Innovative combined on-board computer/ticket printer
    The innovative on-board computer and ticket printer is distinguished by its modern styling, mimicking the look of a smart phone. The two large-area terminal units for the driver and passengers are each provided with a continuous, easy-to-clean glass front. A sturdy rotating mechanism between the driver display and the customer unit allows customised integration in a wide variety of vehicle types. This results in optimised ergonomics for drivers and passengers. These properties make the ticontrol.500 also the ideal choice for stationary use in pre-sales.
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  • Mobile Ticket Vending Machines
    The compact mobile ticket vending machine reflects the current and future requirements of international companies operating in the field of public urban passenger transport.
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  • Robust ticket validator for mobile applications
    The ticket validator is designed and licensed for use in rail and road vehicles within the public transport sector. It is extremely robust and has a long life span. Due to new technology, it is extremely low maintenance, resistant to wear and tear and easy to keep clean. The Trapeze validators offer a high level of functionality combined with a sleek design.
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  • Entry control device
    The Trapeze Entry control device is the first in a range of intelligent scanning terminals specifically designed to facilitate electronic and mobile ticketing or couponing programs. 
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Services - We are a partner to our customers

For more than 40 years, we have been a reliable and competent partner for our customers and provided high quality services. Our comprehensive range of services is completely tailored to customer needs and requirements. This guarantees the smooth functioning of our solutions and systems. 

Our services:

  • Round the clock hotline
  • Service portal and preventative maintenance  
  • Training programs for users and management
  • E-learning programs accessible anywhere and at any time
  • In-house repair centre for hardware