PitStop: How to make depot and fleet management easy

PitStop: A toolkit for efficient depot & fleet management

Vehicles of public transport organisations travel long distances and their on-board systems are expected to work correctly.

With PitStop you have three tools available that make it easier to keep control over the condition of your vehicles infrastructure and their maintenance tasks. They can be used individually or combined, also together with third-party systems.

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SmartMonitor: Real-time monitoring for electric and diesel-powered vehicles

Have an eye on the charge state of your electric vehicles at any time.

The Trapeze SmartMonitor monitoring system supplies real-time information on the technical condition of electrically- or diesel-powered vehicles. All available vehicle data are monitored in real time in a background system. This allows to determine the vehicle’s battery charge, the possible range of action in hours or kilometres, or fuel level in the tanks plus current diesel consumption.

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SmartParking: Parking position and depot management

Manage the position of your vehicles in the depot in an efficient way. 

SmartParking, designed for parking position and depot management, enables easy and efficient management of vehicle locations within depots and parking lots and ensures the necessary control over them.

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SmartTEAM: Custom Enterprise Asset Management solution for transport operators

Manage the status of your assets and set priorities for Enterprise Asset Management.

The SmartTEAM solution from Trapeze is a comprehensive asset management system, which targets the challenges faced by local public transport operators. 

It helps you improve availability of equipment, lower maintenance and repair costs and better vehicle utilisation.

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Video: Efficient PitStop for PT vehicles.

Learn in our video (2:03) how PitStop, a well-equipped toolkit for effective depot management, makes your life easier.

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Article about PitStop

Read a detailed article in our special March issue of Transit News Nr. 11 about the products of our PitStop solution and how it support public transport companies to efficiently manage their depot and fleet management.

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