On-board systems for bus and trams

Our on-board systems for buses and trams support drivers in their jobs and allow public transport companies to deploy their vehicles at exact times. More than 35,000 Trapeze on-board computers are now in service worldwide, proving their worth through ease of installation, high performance, dependability, long service life and easy maintenance.


Our on-board systems are synonymous with:

  • Reliable communications for buses and railways
  • Easy operation and comprehensive on-board information
  • Communications at the push of a button
  • Very easy installation and top reliability
  • Combined devices on-board computers / ticket printer
  • Entry control device
  • Multifunctional Display (MFD)
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Case Study

In 2004, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) entrusted Trapeze with renewing its earlier LIO-Classic operations control system. A soft migration approach was chosen for switching to the new LIO system. As a consequence, control centre operations and all ITCS functions remained available virtually without interruption. In the course of the migration, two additional orders were placed, one for equipping vehicles with multifunction displays in 2008, the other for implementing an interface with the new depot management system in the year after.
The planned application of LIO required an extensive exchange of the hardware, including the radio communications components. The former on-board computers of types IBIS1 and IBIS2 were replaced by the new model IBISplus with GPS location support. The analogue radio system was extended by the addition of GSM/GPRS, and the depots were equipped with wireless LAN.

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On-board systems for buses and trains – communications inside vehicles

The modern Intelligent Touch Terminal ITT is a trend-setting combination device consisting of an on-board computer and an operator terminal with touch screen. The IBISplus on-board computers and Intelligent Data Routers IDR serve, in combination with an operator terminal, as a reliable communications platform inside the vehicles. They are based on a high-performance processor and integrate a wide range of peripherals through multiple interfaces.

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