Passenger Information

Passengers expect punctuality and reliability from a modern local public transport company. They want real-time information about departure times, headways and transfers. The integrated passenger information system by Trapeze delivers this information in real time, always and everywhere, visually and acoustically.

Real-time information via PC and mobile phone

Dynamic passenger information via SMS/PC

By using a variety of channels and media, passengers can receive real-time, up to date information. Passengers can find all the information they need on the internet, at home, in the office, on their smart phones en route to the stop, as well as on the DPI signs at the stop and on the multifunctional displays inside the vehicles.

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On-streets displays/stop signs

Modern displays for passenger information at the stops

For today’s modern transport systems, real-time passenger information at the stops is a must. Passengers want to be kept up to date with regard to imminent departures and protected transfers. The SmartInfo product family by Trapeze offers modern, elegant signs with state of the-art content, appearance and technical features.

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E-Paper technology for dynamic passenger information

Lightweight solution for all stops.

The SmartInfo E-Paper stop display by Trapeze offers a low-cost solution for transport companies to provide passengers with attractive real-time information at all sites, including minor stops with low passenger frequency rates and without a power supply.

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Multifunctional Display (MFD) in vehicle

On-board information – coloured, animated, up-to-the minute

In our information age, bus and train passengers expect up-to-the-minute and comprehensive information on routes, transfers, and schedule deviations. Trapeze Multifunctional Displays (MFD) offer eye-catching design and clearly display this information to passengers on any vehicle. Furthermore, our MFDs are already prepared for multi-media requirements in connection with infotainment, such as news or advertising.

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Web Display Feed

Dynamic Passenger Information via Web Display Feed

The Web Display Feed is the data source for browser-based Dynamic Passenger Information signs. It is the point where passenger information can be combined with other information and data. Integration with the control centre software ensures that, in addition to the predictions,  the general special texts and special route and trip texts are also displayed.

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Traveller information

Passenger Information comes in a variety of forms, including journey planning; scheduled and real-time data; incidents and alerts. And it increasingly means social media too. Whether you want to consolidate fixed route and real-time databases; add a journey planner to your website or mobile app; or want to communicate better with passengers during times of disruption, Trapeze is uniquely positioned to assist.


  • Passenger Information brings together real-time data from multiple sources, delivered to your website (or optimised mobile webpage) or Smartphone.
  • Good passenger information systems enable you to enhance your relationship with passengers; controlling the quality of information and ensuring it is your message they receive when looking for travel information.
  • As passengers become more familiar with services, their information requirements change. Great systems recognise this, delivering the information passengers actually need quickly and easily.
  • Experienced travellers and commuters tend to know their travel options; what they need is awareness of issues on the route. Our Incidents module highlights disruption information and can proactively deliver alerts to mobile devices.
  • The most common question asked by passengers is “how do I get somewhere?” (usually home). By using a mobile phone’s location awareness in conjunction with journey history, your App can become a true travel companion.