Operations Management of Demand Response and School Transport

Trapeze eliminates operational complexities with comprehensive solutions that are easy to use. From sign-on to daily dispatch to timesheet processing to workforce management to vehicle and fleet management, we automate and simplify frequently performed operational tasks without sacrificing your team’s control. Trapeze solutions help to lower costs through better resource management and allocation.

Fleet and crew management

Trapeze provides advanced fleet and workforce management software, which simplifies and streamlines generation of duty plans and runs, daily staff and vehicle management, as well as personnel administration. For day-to-day staff and fleet management, a clear overview and a good software support are absolutely essential. Incorrect assignments can create unnecessarily high costs for the organisation.
Trapeze systems allow planned and unplanned changes to activities to be dealt with simply. Replacement staff and vehicles can be assigned either automatically or manually. The system updates employee time accounts automatically and, at the same time, it ensures that all labour agreements and working practice rules are respected.

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Trapeze Operations Management System

Real-time monitoring and communication

The ability to react to changes effectively, while also communicating any such changes quickly and easily to the vehicles is essential when looking to provide a cost effective and high quality service to passengers. Trapeze on-board and mobile systems help to streamline your operations, deliver trips or runs according to your preferences, while also maximising efficiency and safety. The Trapeze system can monitor mobile devices - either fix-mounted or handheld - and deliver real-time updated driver manifests, event monitoring, automatic vehicle position, navigation – as well as optional travel-card integration.
Our experience includes providing mobile solutions for operations from a few vehicles to thousands of vehicles for demand response, flexible routes, and multi-modal operations.

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Trapeze Demand Response System


Our advanced dispatch solutions enable agencies and providers to closely monitor services, make changes on the fly and communicate changes to drivers in real-time.

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Trapeze Demand Response System

Business Intelligence

The Trapeze transport business analysis tool is a reporting, monitoring and analysis solution designed to enable more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of key decisions makers. Capable of integrating both Trapeze and non-Trapeze data, our business analysis solution is designed to empower every user to easily gain access to, interact with, and leverage operational and financial information for more timely and effective business decisions.

Trapeze business analysis software integrates key performance information from across the enterprise into a “transport data exchange”. This exchange enables interactive, thin client and browser-based access to management and performance reports, as well as graphical “dashboard” screens. This enable users to easily view important data in an easy-to-read format.

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Trapeze Business Intelligence