Planning of Demand Response and School Transport


For the individual transport of elderly passengers, disabled people, medical patients or students with special transport needs, a certification process is required to determine both eligibility for transport, as well as specific transport requirements they may have. Trapeze web-based solutions streamline the certification process, from the initial request, through to the final approval or denial in an easy and efficient manner. The system optimises the documentation and communication process.

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Trapeze Demand Response System 

Trip booking

In the same way that case working is managed through the web, it is also possible to apply the same model for trip booking, trip changes and cancellations. Web and mobile solutions provide passengers, care takers, parents, case workers and personnel at hospitals or institutions an easy way to book, change and cancel a trip.
To give the personnel in institutions a clear overview of drop-off and pick-up times, our system offers a real-time overview of arriving and departing passengers, all displayed in an easy-to-read format. 

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Trapeze TravelMate

Trip planning

Trip planning solutions benefit from powerful, easy-to-use, GIS-based tools, which integrate with scheduling systems and third-party data. Client details including preferences, limitations and funding information are readily available at the time of booking, and this helps planners and schedulers to build efficient runs and offer better services to passengers.

When planning and scheduling flexible trips “Walk on” or non-registered passengers can also be managed in the system.

To learn more, download:
Trapeze Demand Response System | Oppland Fylkeskommune (case study) | Troms Fylkeskommune (case study) | Strætó (case study)