Trapeze Crew App & Crew App+

Part of the Trapeze Operations Management System

With Trapeze Crew Apps, your drivers can easily register attendance, report events that occur during trips, obtain information, view shift plans and much more. In other words, you get a simple and efficient means of communicating with your employees when they are out on the road.

Crew App is available in a standard version with the basic features, or there is also the additional package Crew App+, which offers even more options. Your company logo can be inserted into either version.

Trapeze Crew App

In the Trapeze Crew App, your employees can view their shifts, both for the day in question and for a selected period. They can also easily see if there are any changes to the day’s shift, and a single click is all that’s needed to confirm that they have seen the change.

In addition, Crew App can show the shift plan, with shifts, time off and work times.Employees only have to click once to get more detailed information on individual shifts. And registering attendance or signing off after a shift is just as easy.

The employee can use the app’s message function to receive both individual and general messages, and it is therefore easy to get the necessary information out to the right employees. Documents can be attached to messages and, just like via email, an employee can register messages as read and delete them.

The app also displays regular updates, detailing where the vehicle ought to be at a particular time. In this way, the employee can always see if they are on schedule.

Trapeze Crew App+

With the additional package Trapeze Crew App+ you get even more options for your employees. Among other things, with just a few clicks the employee can register any delays, and the dispatch office can keep up to date and react as required. If the delays involve extra working time, the employee can also register their overtime in the app.

When an employee takes over a vehicle, he can quickly find a summary of the vehicle’s incident history and see what kind of incidents have been recorded for that vehicle previously. And if any incident occurs, the employee just has to put a cross on a diagram to record where the damage is.

It is also possible to attach photographs if the employee wants to document the incident further. All this happens as soon as the damage is detected, and this has a number of advantages: The workshop is informed immediately, so they can get ready for a damaged vehicle to come in, and if the damage is severe, the dispatch office can quickly send out a replacement vehicle. If there is an insurance case later, you can also rest assured that the necessary information was recorded while it was fresh in your memory.

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Holiday and absence preferences can also be dealt with via the app. The employees can register their holiday preferences and check whether it is possible to take time off. The answer comes straight to the app. This process saves a lot of paperwork for both the employee and the dispatcher.

Trapeze Crew Apps make communication with your drivers easier, give them instant access to information and documents, and make it much easier to deal with day-to-day tasks and registrations.