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Funk Kommunikation - SS
Solution Sheet

A modern operations control system handles a large number of functions and processes using several radio systems at the same time. But it is the comprehensive integration of all communication systems that makes AVLC a consistent operations management system with high availability in dealing with the various tasks.
Depending on the requirements of the transport service provider, the AVLC will be operated with either a private radio system (PMR), public mobile radio via GSM/2G/3G/4G or a combination of both. Private radio systems refer to either analogue radio systems or digital trunked radio systems (e.g. TETRA, TETRAPOL) which are generally called PMR radio systems (Private/Professional Mobile Radio).
Especially when it comes to integrating regional routes where some of the vehicles leave the coverage range of the PMR radio system, or in situations where DPI signs can only be addressed using public mobile radio or LAN/WAN, the AVLC has to support several communication media at the same time.

  • Intelligent use of the communication services
  • Broadband transmission of mass data
  • Secure transmission of sensitive data
  • Traffic light preemption
  • Integrating voice and data radio