Public Transport Operators

If you are working mostly with public transport operations, you are on the right page. Here you will find information that makes it easier to handle your daily tasks. Meet peers who explain how they have solved challenges related to the public transport world, and find information about solutions that can make your job easier and improve results. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Reach the goal of more efficient public transport

It is not an easy task to cost effectively offer passengers the best quality service. Important aspects to consider here include exact dispatch planning for drivers and vehicles, together with a reliably functioning operations control system. The right IT systems give transport service providers the added benefit of reliable, fail-safe performance, alongside opportunities to respond swiftly to incidents, as well as utilising comprehensive reporting and statistics functions.

Several players in the public transport sector have already experienced how IT solutions have helped them reach their goals. Read more about these experiences below.

Reliable travel information in Johannesburg, ZA

“We are proud to announce that in Johannesburg we have successfully installed the first ever Advanced Public Transport Management System (APTMS) on the African continent. The APTMS offers passengers of the new ‘Rea Vaya’ Express Bus Service a new level of comfort and reliable travel information.“

Ronald Salis, Project Manager, Questek Transit Technologies

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Bremer Straßenbahn benefits from clear insight into staff allocation

Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG) is the municipal transport company operating in the north German city of Bremen. Out of more than 2,150 employees, some 1,500 hold vocational driving licences/passenger transport licences. When the decision was made to replace the old, own-developed personnel planning system with a new software solution, the efficient use of the employees, their vacation planning and payroll accounting were at the top of BSAG’s wish list.

“The Trapeze system has given us a clear insight into staff allocation. We can now run our transport business much more efficiently and operate at a lower overall cost”.

Klaus Prill, Software Administrator, Bremer Straßenbahn AG, Germany

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Stadtwerke Ulm Verkehr easily provides real-time passenger information

“With our new control system, we can provide real-time passenger information when there are deviations from normal operations. Specific intervention on the part of the dispatchers also helps to considerably improve punctuality. Other positive points include automatic transfer protection and the clear layout for dispatchers.“

Bernd Strohm, Head of Operations Control, SWU Verkehr GmbH

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