Public transport competencies for meeting tomorrow’s challenges

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 22 January 2018 Public transport is becoming increasingly significant. Cutting-edge systems are needed to interlink and coordinate existing and future networks, vehicles and technologies. Trapeze has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the field of public urban passenger transport – expertise paired with high innovative power and meeting top quality standards. The company is thus excellently equipped to meet the current and future mobility challenges of public transport companies and their clients.

At this year’s IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe, to be held from 6 to 8 March 2018, the company is showing innovative solutions at its booth F2 in the areas of planning, depot management, operations control, vehicle equipment, fare management and passenger information. The latest developments to be rolled out include, for example, products such as PitStop, LIO-Scope and SmartTalk. Moreover, Trapeze is displaying innovative and future-oriented ITCS solutions for large and mid-sized public transport authorities and now also for smaller transport organisations. Also this year, Trapeze is Platinum sponsor of the IT-TRANS.

Trapeze, a company with global operations, has been developing complete solutions for public and private transport companies around the world for 50 years now. Some 200 Trapeze operations control systems are now in service worldwide. Innovative, top-quality solutions and products optimise the range of services offered by public transport companies while fine-tuning the management of their operations. At the IT-TRANS, Trapeze is presenting its latest solutions for scheduled, demand response and student transport: systems for operations planning and control, passenger information, vehicle equipment plus related services. Interesting papers to be delivered in the side programme are to additionally underscore the specialist competencies of Trapeze.


Trapeze focus 2018

Operations control systems for small and large passenger transport companies

With its newest-generation LIO operations control system, Trapeze is providing software support to companies of any size. Besides the tried and trusted product with its extensive functionalities and its numerous parameterising options, a version is now also available that has been specifically tailored to the needs of small-sized passenger transport companies. Customers can order the product matching their specific requirements, and Trapeze then will perform the necessary preparatory tasks and make the required adjustments – a procedure that minimises costs for the system users and enables them to apply the system without delay.


PitStop – solutions for higher depot and fleet management efficiency

With its new PitStop product series, Trapeze possesses a trend-setting and excellently equipped toolbox for efficient depot management. Its individual tools offer public transport companies valuable support in a wide variety of depot management areas. PitStop solutions can be applied in isolation or in combination – fully in line with the structure of the transport company in question and its specific needs.


Statistical evaluations using LIO-Scope

The Trapeze Business Intelligence (LIO-BI) module allows detailed evaluations and analyses to be performed on a wide range of different operating data. Structured databases and tools of this innovative LIO-Scope tool for the first time also provide access to non-obvious relationships. User-friendly reports visualise developments and processes. Thus, they offer a reliable basis for achieving process improvements and making management decisions.


AMoTech – innovative solutions for tomorrow’s mobility needs

AMoTech GmbH has set up its “Public Transport Lab on the Rhine Falls” in the Swiss town of Neuhausen, a centre of competence for autonomous mobility. AMoTech is an affiliated company of Trapeze that develops passenger transport services and solutions for self-driving vehicles. New software modules allow self-driving vehicles from all relevant manufacturers to be integrated in existing Trapeze operations control systems for fixed-route, demand response and taxi transport services. This also includes the implementation of all the safety functions required for driverless operation. It enables a fully integrated first-mile/last-mile solution to be added to fixed-route services and thus to supplement them. At the IT-TRANS, all visitors are invited to attend a live experience with the self-driving AMoTech vehicle called “Trapizio”.

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