Happy Optimisation: A new era for rail planning

Rail operators are constantly facing demands to provide cheaper transport and better service. If the industry is to meet these requirements, they have to continuously improve their planning. Now one of Europe's largest rail operators has invested in a tool that will enable them to optimise on all relevant (often conflicting) factors related to vehicle planning. The solution will be delivered in close collaboration between Trapeze and strategic partner QAMPO* who recently met in Aarhus to celebrate the project kickoff.

Vehicle Planning has to take into account many different constraints, which vary across different customer scenarios and specific requirements such as maintenance planning, marshalling yard planning, vehicle planning and the allocation of vehicles to sidings. The Trapeze Vehicle Optimiser will consider all of these aspects.

To give just a few examples, the user can change or add any constraints and instantly see the impact: “If I remove a train on this service during these times, what will be the cost saving?” “If I add a waiting time and increase the train length or change the type of vehicle, what will the result be?”

The consequences of even complex decisions becomes transparent. And by comparing the results of different decisions, it becomes clear how much one solution will actually cost or save compared to another. In other words, the solution supports even complex decision making, giving the user a unique opportunity to always make decisions based on the best information possible.

Strategic partner QAMPO will work with Trapeze to take the current functionality and transform it into a fully featured product; making it an easy to use tool for equipment planners who want a powerful tool with a nicely presented and intuitive user interface; it will be changed from using a simple optimisation model which only automates planning, into a tool which delivers a true optimum solution subject to user specified inputs.


* QAMPO are specialists in providing complex mathematical models to support operational decisions that businesses face every day. QAMPO is based in Aarhus, Denmark.


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