New management at PLANit Sweden AB, Malmator AB and Holmedal Data AB (PLANit Group)

Århus, Denmark - March 16, 2015

PLANit Sweden AB, with the subsidiaries Malmator AB and Holmedal Data AB, became part of the Canadian IT company Volaris Group in 2014

Within Volaris Group, the Aarhus-based company Trapeze Group Europe A/S has a range of products in common with PLANit Group in many areas. Since the merger, management in PLANit Group and Trapeze Group Europe have been working intensively on integrating and harmonising the development and market areas which are shared by the two companies with a view to establish joint management for the Scandinavian market.

”Since the merger with Volaris Group, we have been working towards a joint management of Trapeze Group Europe and PLANit Group. Both Stig Palm and I find that the integration and cooperation has come so far that we can retire,” Hans Andersson says.

The new VD for PLANit Group will be Jesper Ulsted who is also General Manager for Trapeze Group Europe. ”Since the merger with PLANit Group, we have been aware of both Hans Andersson's and Stig Palm's wish to retire at some point, and we are very grateful that this point has not come till now,” Jesper Ulsted says. ”It has been a great help for the integration that they both stayed with PLANit for the past year.”

For more than 18 years, Hans Andersson and Stig Palm have managed PLANit Group and have intimate knowledge of the Swedish and Danish markets for demand-response transportation. They have ensured that PLANit Group has a leading position on the Swedish and Danish markets.

PLANit Sweden AB and the subsidiaries Malmator and Holmedal will continue as before and there will be no changes for employees or customers.


Media contact:
Annie Bundgaard
Director of Marketing
Trapeze Group Europe A/S