Media release: Trapeze at InnoTrans 2018

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 27 July 2018 – A public transport company is a highly complex system which requires maximum precision to function smoothly. Public transport operators therefore need state-of-the-art solutions and products capable of interlinking and coordinating existing and future networks, means of transport and technologies. Trapeze has accumulated over 50 years of experience in the field of public urban transport systems – with its innovative power and uncompromising quality, the company is excellently equipped to fulfil the mobility needs of passengers and public transport companies both today and in the future. Regardless of whether on-demand or regular scheduled services, taxi services or autonomous shuttles, rural regions or large conurbations are involved – Trapeze can cover all the associated requirements for cost-efficient, fast and safe passenger transport.

At this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin, to be held from 18 to 21 September 2018, Trapeze at its Booth 311 in Hall 2.1 is showing innovative solutions in the field of planning, depot and fleet management, operations control, vehicle equipment, fare management, passenger information and autonomous mobility. The latest developments include, for instance, products for modern depot and fleet management, easy-to-use business intelligence tools plus trend-setting solutions for ensuring communications between drivers and operations control centres. In addition, Trapeze will be showing innovative and future-oriented ITCS solutions for large, mid-sized as well as small public transport operators.

For more than 50 years now, Trapeze as a global company has been developing complete solutions for public and private transport companies. Its innovative and high-quality solutions and products optimise transport operators’ services as well as control of their operations. At the InnoTrans, Trapeze will be presenting cutting-edge solutions for scheduled, on-demand and railway transport services. Just recently, Trapeze has been awarded a contract in France. The order comprises the implementation of an on-demand transport solution in the surroundings of the international airport Paris Charles de Gaulle. There, passengers in the future will be able to use an app to request a vehicle that transports them from surrounding cities, hotels and private residences to the airport or back.

Trapeze will use the InnoTrans as an occasion to celebrate its 50th anniversary – and this not only once, but twice: on Tuesday, 18 September 2018, at 6 pm, in the presence of all the customers and partners of Trapeze in the TIPI of the “Kanzleramt” (please register at, and on Wednesday, 19 September, from 5 pm onwards at the Trapeze Booth 311 in Hall 2.1.


Trapeze innovations for transport operators and passengers

Operations control systems for transport companies of any size

With its newest-generation LIO operations control system, Trapeze is adding to its product portfolio and can now offer support for all company sizes. In addition to the tried-and-trusted “LIO-Enterprise”, the “LIO-Professional” is now available as a solution especially tailored to the needs of small public transport operators. This solution can be implemented within a very short time and – in addition – is also cost-effective. Parameterising of the required tasks is performed by Trapeze in coordination with the customer – a procedure that minimises the time and cost requirements for the public transport operator so that they can utilise the full capabilities of the system after just a short induction period. LIO-Professional also includes a single-device solution inside the vehicle providing operations control and ticketing functions on the ticket printer. Besides the greater ease of use for the driver, the focus here is especially on the lower in-vehicle cost.


Flexible data analysis using LIO-Scope

With LIO-Scope, Trapeze is offering a comprehensive extension of its business intelligence module LIO-BI. This add-on enables transport operators to define their own data analyses and evaluations. It allows them to customise their parameters as well as their parameter display. The solution is addressed to users wishing to perform a wide variety of evaluations of their operating data.


Link-up with ITCS via web – location tracking and driver support by Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone- or Tablet-based on-board computer solutions equipped with interfaces with sensors and communications systems are a cost-effective alternative for all vehicles. In more straightforward applications, vehicles may be equipped with off-the-shelf Smartphones or Tablets and be operated using the new Trapeze web application. Complete integration in the control system LIO enables vehicles to be displayed on all channels of the trip information platform and to be incorporated in the connection protection system. The new solution is an economically promising option in particular for small public transport operators.


Travel assistance for the blind and the visually handicapped

This new travel assistance application allows visually handicapped and blind passengers to use public urban transport services on their own. This specially developed app helps users to find the required vehicle and the right door. Moreover, it informs passengers during their trips about the next stops and connections and allows them to request stops.


PitStop – toolbox for increasing depot and fleet management efficiency

The new PitStop product series rolled out by Trapeze enables transport operators to monitor the condition of their fleets and to efficiently control the necessary maintenance resources. The system ensures the availability, reliability and safety of their vehicles at all times. This, in turn, enhances transparency, increases efficiency and cuts costs. PitStop currently consists of three solutions: The Trapeze enterprise asset management system SmartTEAM supports public transport operators in managing the condition of their vehicles. The vehicle status monitoring system SmartMonitor offers transport companies a better overview of the technical condition of their entire fleets. The parking and depot management system SmartParking provides an extensive and detailed overview of the locations of their vehicles within the depots and parking areas. The PitStop solutions may be applied individually or combined – fully in line with specific companies’ individual needs.


ComfoAccess® Smartphone

The Trapeze solution ComfoAccess® makes public urban travel more comfortable than ever before: board, ride and pay – contactless and without any need for cash. A Trapeze Be-In/Be-Out solution using Smartcards has existed for some time now. Now it has been extended by the addition of a Check-In/Be-Out feature using Smartphone: After checking into the app before starting their trips, passengers can travel with hands-free ease. The system automatically recognises the end of the trip and charges the fare.


AMoTech – innovation for tomorrow’s autonomous mobility

AMoTech GmbH, a 100% affiliated company of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH, is setting its focus on autonomous mobility and developing associated services and solutions. The company, which is headquartered in Neuhausen am Rheinfall in Switzerland, integrates self-driving vehicles in existing operations control systems and supports municipalities and public transport operators in transforming their visions of autonomous mobility into a reality. In a first project, a self-driving vehicle called Trapizio has been providing public transport services on Route 12 in Neuhausen am Rheinfall since March 2018. This autonomous vehicle is operated by the public transport authority of Schaffhausen (Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, VBSH). (For more information, please go to


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