Trapeze Scheduling Solution Collaboration

Trapeze Group has launched a collaborative ‘Special Interest Group’ (SIG) to develop a next-generation scheduling solution for the bus market. The group has been joined by 10 scheduling experts from five major UK bus operators – amassing some 300 years of scheduling expertise between them.

The group is meeting regularly to collaborate on the specification and design of Trapeze’s upcoming scheduling solution, Novus SchedulePlus. It is chaired by Trapeze Scheduling Solutions Manager, Gavin John – himself a scheduler of some 20 years’ experience.

Commenting at the group’s second meeting, Mr John said: “Efficient scheduling cannot be undertaken by a computer alone. As a group we are committed to developing a technology solution which actively supports bus schedulers, helping them to do their essential work as effectively as possible. We are also invested in developing a technology solution which ensures a strong future for the schedulers of tomorrow.”

Sam Greaves, Head of Service Delivery at Tower Transit Operations Ltd, commented: “Trapeze’s Scheduling Special Interest Group has been an invaluable process. Myself and the other participants are working together to help Trapeze design a genuinely transformational scheduling solution.”

James Grashoff, General Manager of Trapeze Group in the UK, added: “Novus SchedulePlus is a vital solution for the bus market in the UK and beyond. We are committed to helping schedulers to work more efficiently, and to produce schedules that save bus operators money.”

About Novus-SchedulePlus

Novus SchedulePlus is currently in development and due for release in Q4 2019. A Cloud-based solution, it is being developed with integration in mind, with a data model built around TransXChange and CEN data standards.

Most notably, Novus SchedulePlus is being integrated with Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System, enabling schedulers and managers to budget reliably, taking into account a route’s ‘on the road’ cost. The new solution also shares a platform with the Trapeze Novus system being implemented in Transport for London’s Future Bus project – thereby offering essential integration for all London-based bus operators.


About Trapeze Group

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Some members of the Special Interest Group – from left to right: Andy Kerr (Trapeze Group), Iain McMillian (Stagecoach), Chas Allen (Stagecoach), Richard Warwick (Arriva), Gavin John (Trapeze Group), Andy Corbett (RATP Dev), Bernie Elsom (Tower Transit).