Ticket sales on all channels

Passengers want to get their tickets quickly, simply, at any time and in any place. If buying a ticket is just a little bit difficult, many people will either find alternative ways of travelling or possibly even travel without paying. 

Challenge: How can I simplify ticketing?

When passengers want to take a tram or a bus, they first need to buy a ticket. To do so, they need to know what kind of ticket they need and what travel zones they are going to use. 

Transport authorities therefore need to consider some of the following questions in order to make it easy and simple for passengers to buy their tickets: Do we offer the right ticketing solution for all sales channels? Do we have a user-friendly concept? Do our solutions allow passengers to buy a ticket from the internet? Can commuters validate their ticket at reliable validators? Which payment methods do we accept at a vending machine: coins, bank notes, debit or credit cards or prepayment? Do we support all types of passengers from regular to occasional users?

When all these questions are considered the big issue and challenge is: “Is there a solution that can support our goals?"

Solution: A Fare Management solution that simplifies ticket sales

The solution is a ticketing and fare management system that considers the traveller as well as the back-end. The solution must be adaptable to new technologies and configurable to meet your demands, and in addition it must be able to handle large volume of data and transactions. Further, it must work easily with the back-end office, so that changes in fares, zones, technologies and equipment are simple to implement.  

For the passengers it must give easy access to buying tickets quickly, simply, at any time, and anywhere they want – at home or in the office, on their phone, at stationary ticket machines or directly on the transport vehicle. 

Benefits: Passenger growth and better travel experience

When buying a ticket is no longer a barrier, but an easy and accessible purchase, more passengers are likely to use public transport. Mobile and other self-service solutions increase ridership and reduce fraud. 

Electronic ticketing takes it even further to a completely barrier-free and seamless travelling experience between different transport modes. 

Electronic ticketing collects large volumes of data that can be used for analysis purposes and for evaluating and offering the right level of service.