Reducing workload at the booking office and increasing customer satisfaction

Traditionally, booking office staff work incredibly hard under heavy workloads. Reducing the administrative burden from the shoulders of these staff can improve operational efficiencies, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Challenge: Reducing the administrative burden

Often, booking office staff work incredibly hard under heavy workloads – yet their administrative burden is made that much heavier by the large volumes of phone calls and telephone enquiries they must answer from passengers.

Usually, these questions follow a similar pattern. In fact, 80% of all telephone enquiries are made up of passengers wanting to know when their booked-vehicle will arrive, whether the booking office has their correct or new contact information, and whether they are able to cancel pre-booked trips.

But while these queries are easily answerable, they take up a considerable amount of time from the working hours of booking office staff – who could better use that valuable time to focus their efforts more productively elsewhere. Indeed, these phone calls aren’t always the ideal solution for passengers, either – who increasingly expect to receive answers to their questions online, via their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Solution: A new point of call

With Trapeze Travel Mate, you can reduce the number of telephone calls made by passengers to the booking office, improving service to passengers and freeing up valuable time for staff.

Travel Mate is an app and web-based service, which gives certified citizens quick and easy access to information on their trips and allows them to quickly and easily modify or cancel their bookings, as well as update their personal information.

Benefits: Reducing workload; increasing passenger satisfaction

By using the self-service tools offered by Travel Mate, you can reduce the number of calls to the booking office, allowing the employees to focus their time more productively on higher priority tasks, which can generate much higher value for your business.

At the same time, you are also able to increase passenger satisfaction, because the passengers can easily find valuable information, make updates or cancel trips via their PC, smartphone or tablet, without having to wait on the phone.