Quick and correct handling of school transport applications

Managing the huge volume of applications for school’s transport from parents and guardians is a time-consuming, stressful task. Ensuring they are handled efficiently, quickly and correctly is crucial.

Challenge: The problem of manual processing

Each year, several thousand applications for school’s transport are made by parents and guardians on behalf of their children – usually in those busy months immediately leading up to the beginning of school. Obviously, manually processing these huge quantities of applications is extremely time-consuming and stressful for staff, who must work under heavy administrative burdens.

Is it much wonder, then, that manual processing in this way can easily lead to human error? For example, with strict eligibility criteria determining whether a child should be granted school transport or not, manual processing applications can sometimes lead to situations where students who ought to be granted school transport risk missing it, while other students are granted transport even though they do not meet the requirements. Such mistakes can be extremely costly.

Solution: The self-service portal

The solution to this challenge is to use a self-service portal for the students and their parents.

With the Citizen Portal from Trapeze, parents and guardians, as well as the students themselves, are able to make their applications for transport online, from the comfort of their own homes. Using the tool, they can enter all the necessary data, such as the student’s name and address, the name of the school, and whether he or she has any special needs.

The Citizen Portal integrates to your case management system and, once the student has entered his data, the case administrators can take over without any need for unnecessary data duplication.

Benefits: Save time and reduce errors

With no need for re-typing information or double data entry, you will save a lot of time, while also ensuring you have correct, accurate data in the case administration system.

The students can follow the application process and see what kind of transport they have been granted. This limits the need for time-consuming email and telephone communication.