Planning and managing trip bookings at short notice

In today’s increasingly mobile society, it is absolutely crucial that your operation has the capability of planning and managing trip bookings at short notice; ensuring passengers are provided with the effective on-demand transport they need and deserve.

Challenge: Handling those sudden, last-minute bookings

Offering demand response transport services means that you must be able to cope with sudden, last-minute changes to trip bookings. Perhaps, for example, passengers need to cancel or rebook their trip - or maybe there is a previously unexpected need to book an extra trip.

These examples can constitute a significant challenge to booking staff, who must have the ability to respond immediately to these new situations. It is therefore vital that you have a flexible IT solution that can support rapid changes and deal with the situation effectively at short-notice.

Solution: Handle trip bookings in real-time

With a demand response software solution from Trapeze, you can handle trip bookings in real-time.

This means that you can make instant changes to trip bookings, whether you want to make a new booking, a rebooking or a cancellation.

You are also able to access valuable data, which makes it a lot easier to assess which trips are necessary and which are not: thus improving strategic planning decisions.

Benefits: Satisfied passengers and cost-effective services

Increasing flexibility when planning and managing trip bookings significantly improves passenger satisfaction, because they no longer need to call you one day or  even several days in advance to make simple changes to a trip request.

At the same time, you can save money because the flexible solution and better access to information and data allows you to optimise routes; avoid no-shows and simply make better plans.