Optimise passenger information

Knowing when the next bus, train or tram is coming and when it will be leaving has become a general requirement from travellers, which they expect to get on any device.  

Challenge: How can I keep passengers informed at all times and on all medias?

Today, passengers use a number of different transport companies and modes on their journey and they want to be continually informed of incidents and updates that have an impact on their travel. Delivering real-time information from many different operators and sources requires that information can be collected from many sources and distributed in real-time on any media. 

Solution: Passenger Information Systems that smoothly collect and distribute data?

Passenger information systems provide travel information to passengers at all times. What differentiates one system from another is the system’s ability to be adapted to any size of business, its ability to easily collect and distribute data in real-time, its adaptability to changes in technology, and its user friendliness. For larger organisations the integration to hardware in the vehicles and at stop displays is very important and these organisations, in order to ensure continuity and accuracy of the information, should go for a vendor that delivers both hardware and software in one integrated solution. 

Benefits: Greater customer satisfaction

Updated, reliable and real-time information is an effective route to passenger satisfaction. Just as unreliable and not-available information is a source to frustration. Today, passengers are integrating self service technology into every stage of their journey, and therefore it is easy to reach many passengers with updated and reliable information. On mobile devices, at stops, and in the vehicles the precise and easy to read real-time information enhances the passengers travel experience and gives greater customer satisfaction.