Open communication: keeping your employees informed 24/7

Challenge: communicating with staff

Communication between a company and its transport staff can often prove difficult. This is caused by variable working locations and geographical separation – with staff spread out and only contactable in certain places and at certain times of day.

Solution: online and mobile communications

The solution to this challenge is to utilise online or mobile portals. Trapeze offers a range of targeted, intuitive and easily applicable solutions that enable transport companies to optimise and simplify communication with employees. This can help reduce administrative tasks and paperwork, while also ensuring all internal communication processes and policies are followed to the letter.

Using our solutions, drivers benefit from online or mobile access to comprehensive portals, where they can access important information relating to their duties and holidays, and use the solution for various registrations and communication tasks. This allows the personnel to focus their time and attention more effectively on what they do best: transport passengers where they need to go in a safe and timely manner.

The benefits of a mobile solution

Using an online, mobile solution offers various different benefits for your organisation. And, while the specific benefits available will vary depending on the solution you choose, they are still numerous:

  • Employees will gain 24/7 access to personal information, such as their shift plan for the coming week, as well as their wage account, etc.
  • Sign on and off can be entered directly on the phone – at the employee’s convenience.
  • Time and money are saved thanks to reduced call volumes, and less need for personal contact between back office staff and the drivers out on the road.
  • Easy and always available information improve employee satisfaction.
  • Drivers receive instant notification in the event of delays, and, where an employee must work extra duty hours, they are able to register the extra hours using their mobile device.

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