Increasing operational visibility with business info reports and dashboards

Challenge: gathering and presenting facts about your business

An important first step to identifying opportunities to improve your business – for example, by increasing operational efficiency – is to consult a detailed, accurate overview of your operations: so you can easily pick out and identify those things that are working well, as well as those parts of your business in need of improvement.

However, accessing such an overview can be difficult, especially if you have to extract the information you need from various departments and many different sources.  

Solution: a web-based business intelligence tool

A business info solution can help you to get the overview of your operation and quickly identify where you have problems.

Trapeze Business Info solution is a web application that enables everyone in your organisation to get acces to vital data. Dashboards and scorecards provide an overview of the company’s performance through interactive gauges and built-in intelligence.

Key benefits

  • Status updated on the operational performance of your business are generated for multiple different organisational levels.
  • Easy to compare performance levels of individual units in our organisation.
  • Easy to perform ‘what-if’, hypothetical scenarios and simulations and, with one single click, find out how your figures will change in different circumstances: for example, if your turnover increases or decreases.
  • Easy to create business reports and intelligent dashboards.