How can I simplify communication in the vehicle?

Bus and tram drivers face great challenges in today’s traffic. It is therefore important that they receive all the important information they need in a simple form and within a short time. With a modern on-board computer, they know their timetable situations exactly as well as the next transfers, and they move their passengers safely, quickly and comfortably to their destinations. On-board systems also supply important information to the operations control centre. Dispatchers, for instance, receive the basic data required to control the vehicle fleet and thereby ensure smooth operations. And on-board computers play a core role for ensuring dynamic passenger information inside the vehicle. This benefits passengers throughout their trips.

Challenge: Why do I need a modern communications platform for buses and trams?

Reliable communication with the driver and the vehicle form a basic element of a well-functioning public transport system. Do you expect your dispatchers to optimally organise the deployment of their vehicles? Do your drivers have an easy-to-use computer with touch-screen to obtain comprehensive information inside the vehicle whenever they need it? Can your drivers communicate with the operations control centre at the push of a button? All this in a dependable unit that is easy to install and maintain?

Solution: Cutting-edge on-board systems benefit drivers, dispatchers and passengers alike

As a public transport company, you expect reliable communication between the operations control centre and the drivers, the vehicles and the other devices inside buses and trams. State-of-the-art on-board computers are easy for drivers to use. At the push of a button, they receive all the important information they need on the timetable situation, news from the operations control centre and also error messages of connected components. Important tasks such as line switch control, traffic light control, announcements at stops, destination text switch-over etc are automatically triggered by the on-board computer. Also passengers benefit because the on-board computer controls the multifunction displays inside the vehicles as well as the displays outside the vehicles.

Benefits: Informed at all times thanks to communication inside buses and trams

Modern communication platforms benefit drivers, dispatchers and passengers alike. On-board systems offer drivers ideal support in performing their jobs. The on-board computer with touch-screen shows the driver all the relevant information automatically. Convenient communication on the basis of proven data and voice connections ensure reliable communications in buses and trams. Drivers feel secure because they know they always have a connection to the operations control centre whenever they need it.

The on-board computer supplies the operations control centre with real-time information on the current position of the vehicle. This provides passengers with real-time information on routes and assured transfers inside the vehicle using displays. Easy installation and maintenance plus top performance and flexibility have convinced public transport service providers across the world to invest in on-board systems.