How can I keep the passengers informed at all times and in all places?

Today, passengers want to rely on exact departure and trip times. Should any delays occur, they expect swift information. Building upon leading-edge communication technologies, a public transport company must be able to deliver real-time information across all media. It can be generated in-house or supplied by information hubs.

Challenge: How can I inform passengers at all times and across all media?

Passengers typically travel along several routes and often also use several transport companies on their trips. They wish to be informed in real-time on departures and travel times as well as assured transfers – at all times and in all places, visually and audibly. Comprehensive and consistent real-time information must be compiled from different sources and deployed in real-time across all media.


Solutions: How do I achieve optimal and smooth passenger information?

Consistent passenger information systems offer passengers travel information in real time at all times and in all places. What is the difference between a consistent system and one that is not consistent? A consistent system is essentially an automated solution which retrieves and bundles data and then distributes them consistently across all media. In addition, it must be possible to adjust a system throughout its entire life cycle to changes in technology and customer utilisation. For public transport companies, this means that internet and mobile technologies, displays on board the vehicle as well as displays at stops must deliver exactly the same real-time information. An integrated single-source solution ensures precisely this consistency.

Benefit: Higher customer satisfaction

Before and during their trips, passengers receive real-time information both in regular and in exceptional situations. Especially in the event of irregularities in service, missing or incorrect information may frustrate passengers. Informed passengers are satisfied passengers. In addition to information on departure times and assured transfers, passengers also expect optimal readability and high dependability of the devices applied. Real-time information is the business card of the public transport company and enhances customer satisfaction.