Get more eligible passengers to travel with public transport instead of a taxi


Many medical and elderly passengers who are eligible for special transport are able to use public transport but may be unable to walk to the nearest stop or station. Transferring passengers from taxi to public transport even if it only is for a part of their trip, will save a lot of money. To do this, the booking personnel must be able to offer the passengers a combined trip.

Often the personnel in the booking office cannot offer the passenger a combined trip because they cannot search for trips in public timetables. Trying manually to put together a combined trip is very time-consuming and often not possible in a busy workday.


When you make it possible for booking personnel to access timetable data from public transport, they can then generate automatic suggestions for trips based on geographical coordinates and the patient’s medical condition. Thus, many medical passengers will be able to use public transport for part of their journey and might only need a taxi from home to the nearest stop or station.


Even though only a part of the journey is transferred to public transport, this solution will reduce costs.
The booking office can plan better trips for the medical passengers.

A lot of time-consuming search is eliminated since the personnel can search directly in timetables and get suggestions for combined trips.