Cost pressure and depopulation in rural areas require flexible local public transport offerings.

Challenge: Fixed route services under pressure

Growing cost pressure, regional depopulation and changing travel patterns present significant challenges to the traditional fixed route model of public transport. The effect of this is that  transport services often no longer meet the transport demands in the area. This in turn means that the service becomes too costly, since fewer passengers use the service. The fixed route service does not provide citizens in rural regions the mobility they need.

Solution: Innovative local transport services

The solution to this is to set up innovative local public transport concepts. To do so requires comprehensive software support. Trapeze offers a solution that creates a firm footing for all stakeholders involved in such transport initiatives. Indeed, the software solution creates a simple straightforward process, which enables the passengers to request rides via mobility centres or the Internet. Further to ensuring mobility in the region, it enables the public transport authority to more effectively manage the relations and workflows to the operators.

Benefits: Tailor your services to meet passenger demands and requirements

For those areas affected by demographic change, effective local public transport offerings that are tailored to passenger demands and requirements can be used to guarantee and sustain essential public services. This ensures an attractive local public transport service and supports both mobility and growth in the local area.