Can efficient control centre operations lead to savings?

The daily work in the traffic control centre can be stressful and demanding. The personnel is very much dependant of the systems they work with. They need a system which enables them to make fast decisions, which is often required when incidents happen in the public transport. Fast reaction is essential since every interruption of the planned service is costly.  

Challenge: React faster on incidents and changes to minimize costly disruptions.

Disruptions, unplanned changes or incidents are always happening in public transport and can be very costly. Every day incidents happen, and this will always influence the passenger’s journey, the information to the passengers, their satisfaction, and further it can have an impact on the drivers’ work hours, and the fleet availability. Every disruption costs money. 

Solution: A tailor made control centre system scaled to meet your requirements

A tailor-made, user-friendly and highly efficient operations control system helps you to enhance the efficiency of the day-to-day operational processes in your transport company. The dispatcher in the control centre must have the necessary overview and systems in place to localise, collect and process information. A system with integrated and flexible GIS functionality, real-time displays, full overview of the route network, standardised interfaces to street data, other third-party systems, and fast search functionality supports the personnel in getting the correct overview and being able to react quickly. A tailor-made solution, adjusted to your environment and requirements, enhances your ability to react fast and correct.

Benefit: Operational savings and satisfied passengers

When you get the necessary support from your system, you will be able to react faster, take the right actions, in the right order, and understand the ramifications of the disruptions. Any disruption costs money, and the faster you get the service back to the planned service, the more you minimize incidental expenses.  

Punctuality in service is one of the most important things for the passengers. Unfortunately, passengers are always affected when service is interrupted. Bringing the interrupted service back to normal quickly and efficiently has a significant impact on the passenger’s satisfaction with your operation and on ridership. When integrated with a passenger information system, you will be able to give the passengers correct and timely information, which also will help to keep the passenger satisfaction at a high level.