Ensuring effective planning with simulation and modelling

Planning complicated pieces of infrastructure is almost impossible without a dedicated tool to ensure that every single detail is taken into account.

Challenge: The devil in the detail

"The devil is in the detail" is a frequently-used expression. When specifying or planning a new or complicated piece of transport infrastructure, the challenge is to ensure every single detail is precisely noted down, as accurately and as clearly as possible. Every second counts, of course, and the more accurate the detail is, the higher the quality of your planning, and the greater the chance is that you prepare robust plans for optimised and efficient operations.

Solution: A microscopic modelling tool

The solution to this complicated challenge is a tool for microscopic, detailed modelling of the infrastructure in question. You need to model everything using as much detail as possible for best results. Every track, signal, switch, light, etc. must be modelled accurately, along with the detailed data of the vehicles. When you have accurate information pertaining to all these myriad different aspects, you can calculate a detailed and useful model of the specific infrastructure, which greatly helps improve the planning process of the project.

Benefits: A dynamic solution

A detailed microscopic model not only solves your challenge of effective planning; you also gain access to vital information about the transport network and its capacity. Indeed, it is possible to instil a more dynamic and effective approach to managing network capacity. When dealing with daily operation, you need this information to utilise the infrastructure and capacity in a way that minimises delays and cancelations. Without the microscopic approach you only have the macroscopic information, which includes different time allowances that you have no control over. Information is power!