Passenger information and management system

Passenger information and management system

Hamburg city centre has for some time past seen the addition of new features to its landscape: The amber fluorescent letters of electronic displays which provide dynamic passenger information have joined the colourful lights of metropolis. The displays form part of the passenger information and management system, which Hamburger Hochbahn AG ordered from Trapeze in 2000. The system is a LIO automatic vehicle location and control system (AVLC) - one of the most up-to-date AVLC systems for local public transport. Among other things, LIO supports the modern vehicle equipment (IBISplus on-board computers) and is connected to a digital trunk radio system (TETRAPOL). The FIMS system was planned and delivered in three consecutive phases.

The functionalities

  • AVLC system LIO (Automatic Vehicle Location and Control System)
  • TETRAPOL radio system
  • Modern on-board computers 
  • GPS-based location
  • Transfer protection
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Passenger information system (SmartInfo)
  • LIO-Data data supply
  • Traffic light preemption
  • Loading the vehicles with software and data using WLAN (wireless LAN)

The system at a glance

Control centre: 1 server, 8 workstations, 2 info stations
Radio system: Digital radio (TETRAPOL)
Vehicles: Total of 850 (710 Hochbahn buses and 140 buses owned by the subsidiaries SBG and Jasper)
Dynamic passenger informationAround 200 SmartInfo displays
Depots: Total of 9

Hamburger Hochbahn AG
As second largest local transport company in Germany, the company employs some 4,400 employees. It carries about 204 million passengers each year on more than 700 buses and 110 lines with 1,303 stops. A further 189 million passengers each year use its three underground routes.

“Hochbahn wishes to noticeably improve the quality of local public transport for customers by means of drastically improved passenger information and sustained transfer protection. The positive reactions of passengers show that we‘re on the right track with FIMS.”
Jens Müller, Project Manager, Hamburger Hochbahn