Advanced Public Transport Management System

Advanced Public Transport Management System (APTMS)

For the new «MyCiTi» Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) Service of the City of Cape Town, Trapeze set up an Advanced Public Transport Management System, combined with passenger information. This project in South Africa‘s most iconic city started in early 2011.

The «MyCiTi» service aims to provide quicker transport to Cape Town’s citizens on main routes like the airport link or the table view trunk route. Fast articulated buses provide priority transport offering facilities such as electronic contactless ticketing for quicker boarding times, traffic light preemption at main junctions, and real-time passenger information in vehicles, at stops and via the Internet.

In the first stage, the «MyCiTi» system involves a total of up to 350 vehicles on 2 trunk routes with stations, and currently 5 feeder routes. The number of routes and stops will continuously increase to 5 trunk, 24 feeder and area routes and a total of a few hundred bus stops. The infrastructure for the additional stages is currently under construction.

The Trapeze APTMS also integrates TFT passenger information signs at bus stations and terminals and improves passenger safety by virtue of video monitoring and emergency (panic) buttons in the buses.


The functionalities

  • LIO automatic vehicle location and fleet management system
  • IBISplus on-board computers
  • GPS-based location
  • Voice and data communication via GSM/GPRS
  • Passenger information: Web Display Feed – real-time communication with signs at the stops
  • Real-time passenger information for all bus stops via Internet enquiry
  • Data supply via LIO-Data
  • Transfer of video data (CCTV cameras)
  • Uploading software and data into vehicles via Wi-Fi


The system at a glance

Control centre: Currently 5 dispatcher workplaces with VoIP voice communication in the Cape Town Traffic Management Centre (TMC), 16 screens video wall, GIS-map for bus monitoring, data supply via LIO-Data, Depot Data Management (DDM) and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting workplaces
Radio system: GPRS data and GSM voice communication system
Vehicles: Currently about 130 trunk and feeder buses operating; 350 buses planned
Depots: 3 bus depots and one staging area with DDM front end and Wi-Fi infrastructure
Third-party components:  About 200 TFT stop signs with Trapeze Web Display Feed providing real-time passenger information; onboard video transmission
System interfaces: To planning & scheduling program for route and timetable planning, Trapeze SOAP route path interface to ticket validation and distance-based fare and ticketing system, On-board CCTV system, to a mobile phone timetable enquiry system

The «MyCiTi» service aims to provide quicker transport to Cape Town’s citizens on main routes like the airport link or the table view trunk route.