New solutions for fleet managment

Bus Priority, Information and Management System

Brighton & Hove Bus Company operates along England’s southeast coast. In partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council the system was introduced in 2001. This was then expanded further by the sharing of the radio and server infrastructure with East Sussex County Council opening it up to other operators in an expanded area. Currently there are 150 real-time bus information signs (known as SmartInfo displays).

Passengers really appreciate the real time signs at stops as well as the next stop display signs inside the vehicles. Passenger numbers have increased by around 5 percent year on year since the introduction of the system. Frequent use is made of the online real-time information service and the SMS service provided. The system has become an almost indispensable feature in the Brighton & Hove area.

Beyond that Brighton & Hove uses vehicle equipment with on-board computers IBISplus.


The functionalities

  • AVLC system LIO (Automatic Vehicle Location and Control System)
  • Analogue radio system quasi synchronous radio, VoIP for voice radio
  • Modern on-board computers IBISplus
  • GPS Positioning
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Passenger information system (SmartInfo)
  • Data supply LIO-Data
  • Traffic light preemption
  • Loading the vehicles with software and data via WLAN
  • ISAS2 statistics
  • Multi-agency operation with East Sussex County Council


The system at a glance

Control centre: 3 dispatcher workstations, 7 info stations, 2 IT and statistics workstations
Radio system: 2 voice channels, 1 data channel, 5 base stations
Vehicles: 270 buses
Dynamic passenger information: 150 SmartInfos, controlled by analogue radio
Depots: Altogether 4 depots equipped with WLAN
Software interfaces to third-party components: Omnibus planning programme, Real-time passenger information system VDV454 (SIRI), Multi-agency operation


Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd.

Around 1,000 employees work for Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd. With their 270 vehicles they carry over 40 million passengers every year. The vehicles operate on more than 50 routes and cover over 2,000 stops.

“Since the introduction of real-time passenger information in 2001 the Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company Ltd. has been able to manage the fleet and provide information to the public in ways never before possible.”
Mike Best, Operations Director, Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd.