Troels – Technical Consultant

Title: Technical Consultant

Educational Background: Master of Science in Mathematics-Economics, Aarhus University

I have been working at Trapeze since 2013. First as a business consultant and now as a technical consultant – in both cases focusing on our IT solutions for demand response and school transport.

In my role as a technical consultant, I focus on helping our clients resolve given challenges and issues. Maintaining regular communication with clients is vital, and the conversations we have are both engaging and interesting. It’s exciting to mull things over with the customers to find a solution to their problems. I enjoy visiting our customers; but of course it’s also nice to work from our office, where I have the time to dig deeper into technical challenges and topics and enjoy the interaction with my colleagues.

As a technical consultant, I take over once a client has bought one of our solutions and we have mutually agreed on and confirmed the scope and understanding of the project. My job is to implement and set up the solutions, so that they match the client’s wishes. Modelling and finding solutions to the client’s specific issues offer me interesting professional challenges and variation in my workday.

I also participate in analyses of projects and in sales meetings; but the majority of the time I concentrate on the work that must be done after the project has been sold. I work closely with the customers to make the system work, as the customers expects. My part in this is, among other things, to adjust the underlying SQL databases and to handle coding tasks. Many programming tasks I handle on my own; but, if it gets very complicated, one of our developers takes over. In these instances my job is then to specify these tasks. In this way, I often act as a link between our clients and our developers.

Of course, the social aspect at Trapeze is also extremely important – and it’s great to work in such a productive, interesting and social environment. Many of us are the same age and the daily chats I have with my colleagues are most enjoyable. This makes it even more fun to go to work!