Trapeze Rail System - your future system

IT for your future business

The Trapeze Rail System covers all aspects of the planning and operation in rail organisations, from strategic and long term planning, through to “on-the-day” operations management. It’s holistic view alerts to any ramifications to vehicles, crew and passengers when scheduled services are disrupted or changed. The knock on effects of having the wrong resource at the wrong location at the wrong time are enormously costly and directly impact on a Railway Undertakings customer satisfaction levels and profitability. Rail operators and authorities leveraging the Trapeze Rail System can rely on valid, optimised and efficient planned operations.

A simpler and more effective future

With the new generation software solution from Trapeze Rail, train operators and planners can look forward to a simpler and more efficient future. A future where less time is spent discussing problems and solutions, and where the new rail software solution allows them to fully utilise their creativity and thereby obtain even more successful planning and execution.

Shared Planning Parameters (SPP)
Our state-of-the-art new feature, SPP, assists the planning process in the strategical, tactical and operational planning phases. This feature gives the planners maximum transparency enabling them to create optimum solutions taking all relevant information into account, not only within the different phases, but also across them.

SPP is a datacenter where all relevant information from the past, present and future is stored combined with graphical views and smart algorithms creating transparency between the data. Planning parameters like a vehicle’s availability, staff depots and passenger growth over time are all relevant data for creating the optimum solution that ultimately results in superior decision support not only in each phase of the planning but also in the execution when disruption occurs.

Business Intelligence for Rail Undertakings
Trapeze Business Info solution enables a better understanding of the business. Our BI solution provides Key Performance Indicators giving, for example a monthly overview of:

  • status of operational performance in the company at different levels
  • comparison of performance of the individual units in the organisation
  • development in the performance of the individual units in the organisation.

Your IT system for the future
IT systems for current and future rail business must be able to provide transparency, openness and flexibility throughout the whole planning and operation process. The system must be flexible, easily adaptable and respond quickly to the challenges in the rail business. The challenges faced could relate to the changes in the organisation, new stakeholders, increased ridership on existing network, daily disruptions and the demand to deliver cost-effective rail transport.