Trapeze Rail System - The answer to tomorrow's challenges

Challenges for the rail business

Organisational changes in rail transport

The rail sector is currently undergoing huge change. Business structures, responsibilities and the way the sector is organised are rapidly changing. These changes require adaptability, not only for the organisations but also for the IT systems that every day assists rail planning and operational management.

Increased ridership on the existing network

The capacity on the network is under pressure. Ridership and freight traffic are increasing. The challenge is how to manage and optimize the capacity on the existing network. IT plays a very important role in this. A good simulation tool, optimised capacity planning features and a system that highlights issues and alerts the staff to take action in both the planning and operational environment.

Changes and disruptions in the daily operation

Changes in planned service and daily disruptions are nothing new and everyone knows that they can be very costly and damage an operator’s reputation. The challenge is to react fast on these changes and minimize the impact for crew, vehicles and passengers. The sooner you get alerted of disruptions, the faster you are able to manage and restore the situation. The IT system you choose for planning and operations management must be able to assist you in reacting fast and accurately.

Is there an IT-system that can manage the challenges in the rail sector?

IT-systems for current and future rail business must be able to provide transparency, openness and flexibility throughout the whole planning and operation process. The system must be flexible, easily adaptable and respond quickly to the challenges in the rail business. The challenges relate to the changes in the organisation, new stakeholders, increased ridership on existing network, daily disruptions and the demand to deliver cost-effective rail transport.

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