Trapeze Rail System Operations Management

Operations Management – the essential system for managing valuable resources

Inefficient use of human resources and rolling stock within passenger and freight operations can be very costly. In an increasingly competitive industry, managers need to know that their operational support systems help them make the best use of staff and resources.

Trapeze Operations Management System ensures effective use of personnel and vehicles, supports the daily planning and management of resources and is a valuable tool for short-term operational decisions during disruptions.

Trapeze Rail System is scalable, from the small rail or light rail operation up to national and international operations, our solution can be modelled to meet the demands.

The system consists of a set of modular tools which substantially reduce effort in day-to-day tasks and streamline results. Our system ensures that resources are used efficiently, and that management and planners have an excellent overview of the daily work.


Management of crew and vehicles

Any plan will only work if the resources are in place to deliver it. Trapeze Rail System can help its users to ensure those resources, both crew and rolling stock, are in place. The system can create duty plans based on rosters and in the planning and daily disposition show any work that is not covered, and quickly suggests suitable options to enable it to be covered.


Rosters and duty plans

The Trapeze Rail System includes operations management tools, which simplifies and streamlines the generation of duty plans, daily employee allocation and personnel administration.

Roster templates simplify the configuration process, and they can be generated, edited and adjusted individually by the user to match the changing needs of each business.

The vehicle and crew management tool is designed to:

  • Allow crew and vehicles to be efficiently and effectively allocated to schedules
  • Provide an overview of the current situation for both crew and vehicles
  • Assist operators in managing changes to crew and vehicle schedules
  • Assist in Incidents Management


The Big Picture – matching crew and vehicle resources to needs

Resources can be quickly and efficiently matched to work requirements using Trapeze Rail System be they locomotives, coaches or wagons, trainsets, or crews. Rolling stock and crew can be assigned to appropriate work tasks, and all the required information is made accessible to authorised users.


Assignment validation made simple

Assignment validation is automatic with Trapeze Rail System. Problems can be pre-empted as the system checks whether or not the right set-type has been assigned, or by checking if there is a possibility that the allocation will lead to rolling stock becoming overdue for maintenance. This validation is not just performed on initial assignment to work. If, for example, a train is diverted whilst en-route, the assignment validation is immediately updated to reflect the changed situation.


Operational warnings

Operational warnings can be managed through user configurable operating targets that allow for factors such as distance travelled or “time in traffic” to be considered. The system will warn users of potential problems, i.e. delays or assignment of unqualified resources and allow controllers to see their options at a glance.


Managing incidents and changes

Trapeze Rail System assists users to resolve incidents quickly and effectively, thereby reducing costly delays. The system gives an instant overview of the current operational picture, and makes it easy for the operator to see the extent of delays, assess what action is  needed, and to see its effect. Incidents and their resolution are recorded for review at a later date, and can be used for management, training purposes, and assisting with disputes.


An overview of incidents

User-friendly features allow operators to amend the production on-the-day to meet immediate or emerging needs. This allows service incidents to be managed efficiently, and the effects of disruption to be actively reduced. Once information about an incident has been recorded, all affected trains can be identified and tagged on the system.


Problem analysis

Any conflicts and blockages caused can be clearly displayed in Time-Distance graphs, and the system can be interrogated to identify all affected train journeys. The user is then able to rearrange the service and organise resources using the functionality of Trapeze Rail System to overcome any problems caused by the blockage.


Employees – handling correct pay, enabling easy sign-in and sign-out procedures and ensuring easy communication and information sharing with you employees


Correctly calculated wages!

A complete, logical set of rules enables the user to model varying and complex rate structures. An account module automatically determines the wage basis and exports data to external payroll systems. Current data for all employee accounts is always available.  Statistical reports and cost views can be created very simply at any time, such as causes of absences or wage costs for a particular group of employees or type of duty.


Employee communication

Trapeze offers a range of targeted, intuitive and easily applicable solutions  and app’s that enable transport companies to optimise and simplify communication between the company and its employees and sign-in ang signoff procedures. 

Depending on the configuration, employees are able to:

  • View their own shift plans and their colleagues’ shifts – including an individual shift status
  • View an entire shift plan period or individual shifts
  • Gain an easy and fast overview of the content of performed work, incl. a view of the nominal and efficient work hours
  • Request specific work hours or time off
  • View current and planned time off and absences
  • Register pre-attendance / sign in / sign out
  • View the forthcoming shift plan, incl. details on each shift


Business Information

Trapeze Business Info is a tool build to allow everyone within your organisation to easily access, analyse and distribute operational data.


Key management data

Business Info may as an option provide information of the following Key Performance Indicators on country/region/operating area level:

  • Contract profits/running operational costs on employees and vehicles
  • Total employee costs per timetable hour or per operation hour
  • Employee costs per timetable hour or operation hour
  • Running operational costs on vehicles per timetable hour or operation hour