Trapeze Demand Response System

An integrated solution – For demand response and school transport

The Trapeze Demand Response solution provides a comprehensive suite of products for planning, managing and delivering effective demand response services such as, door-to-door, dial-a-ride, flex-route or multi-modal, general and special needs transport.

From client registration and journey booking to scheduling and dispatch, Trapeze helps to streamline administration and optimise resources to save time, reduce cost and deliver effective services.

From call taking to dispatching, the browser-based solution is an easy-to-use application for all aspects of a demand response operation. Trapeze gives you the tools you need to manage your dial-a-ride, community transportation or coordinated service in a productive,  cost effective and secure manner from any location.

Simple, browser-based application reduces staff training, expenses and overall cost of ownership and gives a quick return on your investment.

Trip booking and planning – Automated booking and scheduling

Trapeze systems support passenger requests via a call centre, the Internet and computerised voice. Integrated mapping and GIS features give call and dispatch centre personnel the extensive journey planning and operation management tools they need to deliver service excellence.

Client details including preferences, limitations and funding information are readily available at the time of booking, and the Trapeze applications ensure that the appropriate service and equipment parameters are met.

Trip booking

When booking a trip, call takers have quick access to detailed passenger information such as multiple addresses, demographics, special needs and comments. This makes it easy to apply funding and eligibility programs and track passengers’ certification status.

Schedule Editor

Optimised trip scheduling

The Trapeze System provides you with a streamlined booking of casual, ’on the fly’ or subscription trips: You can view all trips by day, per vehicle or client and easily view client details.

Fleet Management – Vehicle scheduling and dispatch

Many demand response organisations are faced by the daily problem of no-shows, cancellations and service delays due to traffic conditions. This means that changes must be made to runs, and messages must be dispatched to the drivers. The Trapeze System provides the tools needed to revise schedules as conditions require. The system also provides tools for accurate exchange of information between vehicles, drivers, service providers and dispatchers.

Optimised use of resources

Trapeze System ensures an optimum use of resources enabling various different scheduling methods.

 Real-time monitoring of service

The Trapeze System can monitor multiple mobile devices that can be fix-mounted as a bus computer or a handheld ruggedised PDA device. The features for the ITS devices include a real-time updated driver manifest, event monitoring, automatic vehicle position, navigation and optionally ticketing, printing and travel-card integration.

Managing client profiles – Accurate, accessible and secure client records

Trapeze Demand Response System simplifies management of client requests and profiles. Client information is stored in a single database and is easily accessed by call centre personnel for up-to-date information at the time of booking. This saves time and ensures that the specific needs and preferences of all passengers are met.

“Walk on” or non-registred passengers can also be managed in the system.

Client profiles

The client registration module puts accurate, detailed information for your staff to work with. This saves hours of staff time in generating and printing routine documents and minimises duplicate records quickly and easily.

Client certification – Key to delivering better demand response service

Certification and case administration is structured, making it easy to handle different forms of assessments parallel in the system. The same client can have different “cases” in the system that are handled by the same or different case officers, e.g. application for  disability transport, for patient transport or for school transport.

The Certification Module has been developed on a modern, browser-based platform. This means that the case officer only needs an Internet browser and a login to start working. All installation and setup is performed centrally without the need for installing local clients.