About Us

Trapeze provides intelligent transport systems and software solutions for the public transport sector, as well as for demand response and special student transport. Our solutions ensure that public transport runs smoothly in both urban and rural areas – in countryside towns and villages, as well as in regional and global cities, working in multi-agency situations and for all sizes of transport organisations.

Here for the journey!

Our products and comprehensive solutions support both public and private transport companies from the back office, through to the bus or train driver’s seat, assisting with planning and operations management, via control systems, passenger information solutions, fare management and corporate management tools.

We develop, deliver and support IT, ITS and ticketing solutions and services that make it easier for transport authorities and operators to manage their complex, day-to-day business. We have the unique ability to build an effective and collaborative partnership with you, due to our focus on serving the transport industry with a broad product portfolio that will ensure your passengers reach their destinations quickly, comfortably and reliably.

The glue that binds transport and passengers together

From the bus stop to the finance department, from the driver to the dispatcher, from the simulation of transport services and planning to actual daily operation management, and to the delivery of quality passenger information, Trapeze technology is the glue that binds transport and passengers together. We are dedicated to helping authorities and operators streamline and integrate your many day-to-day functions. Enabling you to focus on offering sustainable mobility for the citizens and delivering amazing customer service!

50 years of experience

We have 50 years of experience and well over 2,500 customers worldwide - and we help you meet your goals. Many Trapeze employees have been in the transportation business for decades! They know what your pain points are and are passionate about helping you eliminate them to meet your goals. We create lasting value for our customers and business partners, for passengers, for the community in general, as well as our own employees and shareholders.

In other words: We are here for the journey!