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Trapeze Business Info

Business Intelligence for transport organisations

Trapeze Business Info is a tool that allows everyone within your organisation to easily access, analyse and distribute operational data.

The system retrieves data across the individual Trapeze applications and transforms the data into business information and key management data for the management, controllers and business units in the organisation. Trapeze Business Info is a web-based and comprehensive data warehouse solution.

Business Info Web

Using the Business Info Web application the users have many ways to work with data:

  • Analyses
  • Hyper Related OLAP
  • Reports
  • Intelligent Dashboards

What-If Simulation

With one single click you can find out how your figures will change if e.g. the turnover increases or decreases – globally or locally.  The What-If Simulation functions primarily as drill-down, and it uses the information that you have already given the system.

Data Types

Key management data
Business Info may as an option provide information of the following financial key figures on country/region/operating area level:

  • Contract profits/running operational costs on employees and vehicles
  • Total employee costs per timetable hour or per operation hour
  • Employee costs per timetable hour or operation hour
  • Running operational costs on vehicles per timetable hour or operation hour


  • Planned hours/actual hours
  • Actual hours/wage hours
  • Absence hours/actual hours Vehicles
  • Operation hours/vehicle hours
  • Operation hours/timetable hours Employees and vehicles
  • Wage hours/operation hours
  • Wage hours/timetable hours

Reports showing KPI based on Excel

Trapeze also offers reports based on Microsoft Excel. These include the well-known Excel-features and Pivot-tables.
Examples of reports are:

  • Customised calculation of production using Pivot table functionality
  • Timetable and vehicle information

The example to the right displays service kilometres and hours for each line, per month and per day type or operation hour.

Trapeze Business Info provides managers with a number of key figures giving for instance a monthly overview of:

  • status of operational performance in the company at different levels
  • comparison of performance of the
  • individual units in the organisation
  • development in the performance of the individual units


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