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Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen (VBSH & RVSH) rely on Cloud-based control centre from Trapeze

With a population of 36,000 Schaffhausen is the capital of the Canton of the same name and the northernmost town in Switzerland. The charm of Schaffhausen lies in its excellently preserved historical old city and its beautiful location on the Rhine.

As a business centre, the name of Schaffhausen has become known especially for its industrial enterprises, chemical engineering and watch-making industries. Such companies offer numerous attractive jobs. Therefore demands for efficient public transport services continue to increase. Commuters’ and students’ want to reach their destinations quickly, safely and well-informed.

Schaffhausen’s public transport authority VBSH serves the entire urban area of the city as well as the neighbouring community Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Six direct point-to-point routes serve all urban districts at ten-minute intervals during rush-hours and twenty-minute intervals during the evening and on weekends.

Its 41 buses transport 13.5 million passengers every year, covering a total distance of 2.7 million kilometres.

The rural communities of the Canton of Schaffhausen are mainly served by the regional public transport authority RVSH. With a total of eight bus routes, 26 communities are served; 26 buses transport 2.3 million passengers a year, travelling a total of 2.2 million kilometres.

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