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ComfoAccess® – Automated journey registration with smartphones and smartcards

Board, ride, pay – contactless and without cash! ComfoAccess® by Trapeze is an innovative integrated ticketing solution with smartphones and smartcards for public transport operators and passengers.

Product information

Using public transport was never easier: board, ride, pay – contactless and without cash. Passengers no longer need to worry about tickets. The system automatically detects the beginning and end of the journey and checks it against the tariffs. The resulting journey including any connections is reconstructed as the basis for calculating the fare. At the end of the day or month, passengers receive a summary invoice for all their journeys, also including best-price billing as an option.

ComfoAccess® is a hybrid system for both smartphones and smartcards, in this case with the added bonus of completely hands-free convenience.

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ComfoAccess® offers added value right across the board

Added value for transport authority

  • Substantial cost-cutting in setting up and operating the sales infrastructure
  • Sustainably simplified operating procedures (no cash, no paper)
  • Costly sales channels replaced by a future-proof system with open interfaces
  • No more check-in/check-out procedures causing delays at the stops

Added value for passengers

  • Simplest handling: no need to buy tickets anytime, anywhere
  • Seamless journey across all modes of transport without having to know the tariffs
  • Free choice of user medium for barrier-free, anonymous access
  • Best-price billing as an option

The ComfoAccess® presentation shows you the challenges solved by ComfoAccess® and how this innovative ticketing system works.

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Pilot project in Zielona Góra, Poland

With ComfoAccess®, Trapeze has launched a pioneering fare system based on Be-in/Be-out technology. The municipal transport authority MZK Zielona Góra has tested the system. The ComfoAccess® pilot project confirmed the advantages and reliability of the Be-in/Be-out system compared to the Check-in/Check-out system that is currently in use.

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ComfoAccess® video

ComfoAccess® is based on presence detection technology. Smartcards (Be-in/Be-out) offer contactless convenience when boarding and alighting, with the card staying in the pocket, purse or rucksack. More in our video.

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