Software to solve public transport challenges

There are many reasons to value public transport, from the environmental to the economic, political and cultural. But public transport is more than that: It's the means by which we as a society connect families and friends, our children with their schools; and workers with the jobs that drive our economies. Public transport is what connects us all.

“The new solution means that it is far easier for us to offer journeys by ordinary public transport as an alternative to special transport.” - Västtrafik, Sweden

"We have decided to operate our Trapeze control system via a hosting model. The main reason being the high system availability, but the 24/7 management of the system via the Trapeze hotline with active monitoring was also a winning factor." - Martin Senn, CEO, Auto AG Rothenburg

Pasientreiser ANS has chosen Trapeze Group as supplier of a new ICT solution to strengthen the planning and optimisation of over 4 million annual patient trips to and from medical treatment centres.

Tracking of Vehicles by means of Android Devices.