Public Transport Authorities

Trapeze offers transport authorities and multi-agency operators a variety of comprehensive IT solutions, which cover all areas of the building, planning and management aspects of public transport. Trapeze systems cover full transport processes from start to finish: from network planning; to tendering out services or managing existing transport services and fare collection using a variety of solutions, such as ticketing and comprehensive passenger info systems. Our systems help authorities  ensure and develop cost-efficient transport offerings in the countryside, in regions or towns and mega cities, as well as in multi-agency situations and in national companies. 

Meeting passenger’s mobility needs

Mobility is a basic need in today‘s communities. In both urban and rural areas, the demand for accessible transport as and when you need it, puts great demand on the organisations involved in delivering public and demand responsive transport. In recent years, we have even seen new integrated and flexible solutions set up to meet demands and keep costs down.

Whichever service is provided, the organisations involved in delivering the transport service must consider a full palette of requirements - from network analysis, to route, network and timetable planning, operations management, traffic management, ticketing and passenger information.

Trapeze offers solutions that assist authorities and multi-agencies in managing public and demand response transport, including flex and school transport.


Trapeze System for Public Transport Authorities



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