80% of calls are related to the trips of the day. Can this number be reduced?


The personnel in the booking office spend up to 80 % of their time answering questions such as: When will my booked vehicle arrive? Do you have my new telephone number? How can I cancel a trip I have booked?

These easy to answer questions are time consuming for the personnel and if the number of calls could be reduced, it would cut costs and increase revenues.


The solution is to let the passengers find the answers themselves. To make this realistic, the solution must be very easy and accessible. A self-service solution that works on a PC a tablet, or smartphone will work for a large number of passengers.

Rather than ringing, passengers can use a self-service app and web-based service to access trip information and deal with various tasks themselves whenever it suits them.


This provides better service for the passengers, since they get quick and easy access to information about their trips, and they can easily cancel a trip and update personal data.

For the booking office, it opens up for savings since the number of calls will be substantially reduced.